SecureShield RV Motorclub Roadside Assistance Plans

Recreational Vehicle Roadside Assistance Plans

Travel worry-free with the ultimate co-pilot. SecureShield RV Motorclub provides on-the-road assistance for whatever you need.

SecureShield RV Motorclub

RV Roadside Assistance Motorclub

Mobile Mechanic

Our service network can dispatch simple side-of-road repairs that match your requirements. We use independent mobile service providers to assist with the disabled vehicle’s mechanical problems.

Technical Assistance

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. SecureShild RV Motorclub’s Technical Team has experienced and qualified RV Technicians throughout the US.

Emergency Roadside Assistance & Towing

  • Towing
    Towing under Roadside Assistance Benefit, limit up to $250,000 per occurrence.

  • Battery Boost
    Up to $100.00 per occurrence

  • Flat Tire Assistance
    Up to $100.00 per occurrence

  • Fluid Delivery
    Up to $100.00 per occurrence

  • Lock Out Assistance
    Up to $100.00 per occurrence

  • Winching
    Covered up to 100 feet off a maintained road or in a commercial campground equipped for camping vehicles. For each incident in which winching is required in order to tow the disabled vehicle. Member will be entitled a maximum benefit of $500.

Emergency Travel Reimbursement

  • Auto Rental – Up to $200.00

  • Air Transportation – Up to $700.00

  • Hotel/Motel/Campground Fees – Up to $200.00

  • Meals – Up to $100.00

Digital Track & Trace

SecureShield RV Motorclub gives members access to our exclusive Track & Trace Mobile App, providing real-time tracking of your tow truck’s location and ETA, information on your towing provider, opportunities for communication and feedback, and more.

RV Concierge Service

From tea time to tee time, SecureShield RV Motorclub connects you with all the travel information you need.

  • ATM & Business Locators

  • Reservations (Car Rentals/Hotels/Restaurants)

  • Rental Car Return

  • Emergency Return Travel Arrangements

  • Turn-By-Turn Driving Directions

  • Traffic Reports

  • Road Closures

  • RV Campground Referrals

  • RV Storage Facility Locators

  • Wireless Device Assistance

  • Historical Site and Pet Care Locators

  • Golf Course Tee Times (Reservations & Referrals)

  • Event Ticket Coordination

  • Emergency Locator Service (Hospital/Pharmacy/EMT)

  • Weather Reports

  • Shopping Centers

  • Local Activities Calendar