Multi-Shield Vehicle Service Contract

Multi-Shield Vehicle Service Contract

Driving Retention and Profits Back to YOU!

Vehicle Service Contracts

Like all machines, cars eventually need repairs. And all too often, even those with a manufacturer’s warranty will require work that isn’t covered. Protect your customers and increase sales leads with a full-featured vehicle service contract designed to:

  • Boost your bottom line at the time of sale

  • Drive traffic to your service department

  • Transform potentially frustrating events into loyalty-building opportunities

  • Build repeat business

  • Increase word-of-mouth referrals

Ingenuity and skill at your command

Each vehicle service contract is developed by DKP. We support your business through:

  • Turnkey handling of reserve requirements and underwriting criteria
  • Total program administration — from collateral design to claims processing
  • Full retail remittance on both parts and labor

Private-label programs designed to increase sales leads

Our successful vehicle service contract serves as the foundation of private-label initiatives as well, including direct to consumer, credit union, and financial institution-branded vehicle service contracts.